Call for Volunteers – Cockayne Farmstead

The Cockayne Farmstead in Glen Dale, WV is a living museum, representative of the lifestyles, values and work ethic of those Americans who helped to build this State and this Nation. Behind the house is an Indian Burial Mound long protected by the Cockaynes that was reunited to the farmhouse in 2004. The purpose of the Cockayne Historic Preservation Project is to create an educational and cultural center that will benefit all West Virginians.

To move forward with this mission, the Cockayne Farmstead is concentrating on orchestrating the removal of artifacts from the main building into temporary storage, as work to stabilize the plaster is about to begin.

Volunteers are currently needed to move furniture! Moving days are primarily Thursday, November 1, and Friday, November 2. If individuals are able to help October 30th or 31st, this would also be useful. Many hands make for lighter burdens.

Work at the Farmstead will be from approximately 8:30 a.m., until dusk, (about 6:00 p.m.) each day. Please come when you can.

If interested, please contact: Tom Tarowsky Program Director Cockayne Farmstead Preservation Project 1105 Wheeling Avenue Glen Dale, WV 26038 (740-312-5086)


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