Saved: The Old Greenbrier County Library

New River Community and Technical College Library.

New River Community and Technical College Library.

In 2010, Preservation Alliance of WV listed the Old Greenbrier Count Library on the WV Endangered Properties List, a collection of at-risk historic properties worthy of being saved.  The property was especially notable for its construction date of 1834 and its original use as a law library by the jurist of the State Supreme Court of Virginia.  Since its listing, this property has undergone quite a transformation and is now open to benefit the community.

In October 2012, the New River Community and Technical College Greenbrier Campus celebrated the opening of the historic structure for its college library, which serves all five campuses, as well as the general public.

Interior of the library.

Interior of the library.

This project began in 2007 when the old Greenbrier County Library closed its doors, and shortly thereafter the owner, the City of Lewisburg, leased the building to the New River College.  This partnership has allowed for the renovation and restoration of the building with work highlights including a new roof, new heating and air conditioning system, repaired wood floors, fresh paint, and rehabilitated historic wood windows.

Preservation Alliance is delighted to see this building reopened and the project goals come to fruition.  We congratulate and commend the City of Lewisburg and the New River Community and Technical College for the reuse and return of this historic gem to its library roots.  It often takes many years and much convincing for city governments to see the benefits of historic preservation.  The City of Lewisburg, however, is unique in that it has supported historic preservation for many decades and encourages great projects like this one.  We know why you’ve been deemed America’s “Coolest Small Town.”  Keep up the great work!



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