Help Us Save West Virginia’s Residential Historic Preservation Tax Credit

The West Virginia Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program offers a 20% tax credit on allowable expenditures like roof repair and window restoration.  Privately-owned homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places and those listed in National Register historic districts are able to receive this tax credit.  This very effective program is in jeopardy as bills are being fast-tracked through the State Senate and House of Delegates to repeal this tax credit.

Please show your support for historic preservation and this tax credit program by contacting your state Senators and Delegates and ask them to VOTE NO to the following bills:

HB 2916 for the House of Delegates Bill,

SB 436 for the State Senate.

Many have already been contacting their Delegates asking them to Vote NO to HB 2916.  We appreciate this support and ask that you do the same for the SB 436.

To find your State Delegates by District, follow this link:

To find your State Senators by District, follow this link:

For contact information for your State Delegates and Senators, visit:

We also ask that you contact the President of the Senate, Jeffrey Kessler, asking him to vote NO to SB 436.  His contact information is  His Phone Number is (304) 357-7801.

You can also show your support for the residential tax credit by contacting the Speaker of the House Richard Thompson at

Please help us to protect this tax credit, which creates opportunities for investment in our downtowns, saves our historic neighborhoods, and preserves our vast heritage.  Without it, historic districts like South Park in Morgantown, Luna Park in Charleston, and the Wees District in Elkins would not exist.

For more information, contact


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