Save Top O Rock

Top O Rock

An iconic Charleston, WV property is in severe endangerment from demolition after vandals broke into the historic gem and caused great destruction.  Groups interested in preserving the building have taken to the internet to raise awareness and their efforts have been noticed.  The Facebook group started to raise awareness has surpassed 1,440 members and a petition has garnered over 570 signatures as of Saturday afternoon.  News of the social media push has been reported by the Charleston Gazette and WOWKTV Channel 13.

Top O Rock is a distinctive house sitting atop a rocky outcrop which provides 360° view of Charleston and the Kanawha River.  The building was designed by Henry Elden, an industrious and award winning architect whose works are known throughout the area.  Due to recent vandalism and deferred maintenance, the Charleston Building Commission last week sent the current owners a notice to submit a development or demolition plan within three weeks or face possible fines.

Some of the destruction caused by vandals.  Photo courtesy of Tom Hindman Charleston Daily Mail.

Some of the destruction caused by vandals. Photo courtesy of Tom Hindman Charleston Daily Mail.

The current owner purchased the house in 2011.  Since the transaction, the house has remained vacant.  Due to the ongoing vandalism, the property owners have hired a security guard. On May 7th, the WV MetroNews reported Rodney Loftis and Sons Contractor, “has a contract to tear down the house and is going through the normal process of asbestos assessment and other pre-demolition requirements. He said the demolition could start in three to four weeks.” It is not clear if the contract has been signed and the contractor is not speaking publicly on the subject.

If you are interested in keeping up with any developments or voicing your concern, click on the Save Top O Rock Facebook group page and ask to join.


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