Preserve WV AmeriCorps in Summer School

All members in the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program benefit from intensive training.  It is an important part of our program and all AmeriCorps programs.  All members are trained at the beginning of the service year in historic preservation, heritage tourism, economic development, and more.  Throughout the remainder of the year, members are given other opportunities for training, whether that be attending the WV Association of Museums conference or the National Main Street Center conference.  Recently, one of our members, Eliza, received a scholarship to attend an Oral History Summer School in Hudson, NY.  Read all about her experiences on her Tumblr, HERE.

The Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is a service initiative created by the Preservation Alliance of WV.  The goals of this program are to build capacity of nonprofit organizations and to improve historical resources all over the great state of WV.  It is made possible through formula grant funding from the Corporation for National & Community Service and Volunteer WV.  This funding allows PAWV to train and provide a modest living allowance to all of our members.  There is little funding for administrative overhead, although this program has become an important part of our mission.  We rely on donations from our members and readers to make these programs possible.  If you are interested in donating to PAWV, please visit our PayPal page.  Every little bit counts!



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