Camp Good Luck & Kumbrabow State Forest ~ Excuse for an Excursion


West Virginia is known for having the best 4-H camping program in the country. This, in part, is due to that fact that 4-H camp began among these hills. The first recognized county 4-H camp took place at Elkwater in southern Randolph County in July 29-31, 1915. Verus Shipman, the Randolph County 4-H agent and his wife organized the camp. The idea of the camp was to learn to live with other children of their own age and understand problems that are not theirs. About 20 boys and girls camped for three days, sleeping in Jackson Crouch’s barn and cooking outside over an open fire. Each camper brought a tin plate and cup, silverware, an empty mattress tick and blankets, toiletries, potatoes, vegetables, bacon, and a live chicken for the pot. From that moment on, camping became a vital part of 4-H in West Virginia.

Beautiful view at Kumbrabow State Forest

Beautiful view at Kumbrabow State Forest

Although Randolph County 4-H camp is now held in a different location, it is definitely worth a visit to this original camp site. A historic marker tells the story of this camp and open field where the camp was held greets you. Mountain and forest surrounds the area. Across from the Camp Good Luck site you can enjoy a trip through Kumbrabow State Forest. Here you can hike, picnic, or fish the day away. Kumbrabow also have several cabins for rent as well as a camping area. Take the day to see some history in a beautiful natural setting.


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