The Mountain State Forest Festival ~ Excuse for an Excursion

By Alex, PAWV VISTA PAWV Blog Icon

leafWest Virginia has a long history of local festivals celebrating everything from buckwheat to strawberries. The largest of these festivals is the Mountain State Forest Festival held in Elkins, WV. The Forest Festival is also one of the oldest festivals in the state of West Virginia. It is considered a major homecoming for those who have lived in the Elkins area. It’s also a time when first-time visitors and tourists come to participate in the festival events and activities.


Around this time of the year the fall foliage begins to change and so called “leaf peepers” also join the festival crowds making the small town of 10,000 into a bustling 100,000 for the week. The Mountain State Forest Festival originated in 1930 and has continued to be a vital part of Elkins history. The festival features Queen Silvia (selected from West Virginia) along with her maids of honor (selected from Randolph County) and forty princesses from across the state.

The 78th annual Mountain State Forest Festival will take place September 27th -October 5th. For an extensive list of activities and events, visit Make sure to stop by Preservation Alliance of West Virginia headquarters, located in the Darden House at 421 Davis Ave.


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