At Ritter Park with Chelsea

By Chelsea, Preserve WV AmeriCorps at Morgantown History Museum

My name is Chelsea Elliott and I am an undergraduate student at West Virginia University. I will be graduating in May 2015 with BA in History and two minors in anthropology and English. As an AmeriCorps member, I serve at The Morgantown History Museum located at 715 Kirk Street in Morgantown. The museum serves to, “to preserve and promote local and regional history and to make it accessible to the citizens of Morgantown and visitors to the region.”

My first month of service with the AmeriCorps included various training sessions and activities. However, my favorite event occurred at the PAWV conference in Huntington, WV. One activity that was available at the conference was a walking tour of the historic Ritter Park.

Cammack-Agee House on 13th Ave. Photo credit Chelsea Elliott

Cammack-Agee House on 13th Ave.
Photo credit Chelsea Elliott

Ritter Park is located in the historic district of Huntington. Surrounding the park are gorgeous historic homes, each different and unique. This conference activity began in a small building named “A Room with a View,” and it overlooks the rose garden located in the park. Our walking tour began here with a brief introduction to the creation of the park and how it got to be where it is today. Jim St. Clair, a prominent member in the Huntington community, provided an introduction to the park.

From here we were able to walk around the park, absorb its beauty and history, and enjoy a warm fall day. It was a relaxing activity, and as a tourist in the city of Huntington it was easy to appreciate the wonderful park and history. Located throughout the park were plaques commemorating the past, and dedications to future hopes in the park. We were able to see areas where growth was still occurring, and where the past was being preserved.

As a whole, beginning the PAWV conference with a scenic walking tour was a wonderful beginning to the upcoming days. We were able to appreciate the past while still seeing how the park was functioning in the present day.

In the Rose Garden.   Photo credit Chelsea Elliott

In the Rose Garden.
Photo credit Chelsea Elliott

One response to “At Ritter Park with Chelsea

  1. Mind-blowingly gorgeous roses! What a great “take” on the conference, your favorite activity might’ve been mine! Ritter Park looks to be a gem!

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