PAWV’s 2014 Award Winners: Kim & Stephen McBride

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia would like to share about our 2014 Historic Preservation Award winners. Kim and Stephen McBride were recognized for PAWV’s “Archaeology Award.”

Stephen and Kim McBride have given so much of themselves to the Archaeology of West Virginia. The Fort Project has inspired an entire generation – if you ponder this in the context of all the school children they have reached, it is a true statement of fact.  While much of their work has been grant-funded, but it does not come close to covering all project costs.  They also frequently contribute their services to the cause.  This deserves a statewide public recognition. The dynamic duo husband and wife team from West Virginia, have done so much promote archaeology in West Virginia – through both research and public outreach.  Entire schools have been exposed to archaeology as a result of their efforts.

From hands-on history at Fort Warwick to student digs at Fort McCoy to publishing “Frontier Forts in West Virginia,” they are active in their field. They have conducted the only long range research project in WV, have published on their results, and have supported PAWV.



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