PAWV Introduces Buildings At Risk Register

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia introduces the Buildings At Risk Register (BARR). This new program will allow PAWV to better examine preservation needs statewide.  Too often buildings are razed because threats go unreported, and PAWV is striving to minimize the loss of West Virginia’s heritage. There is a need to create a preservation network to prevent such easily avoidable losses in the future. PAWV can utilize its full arsenal – assistance with identifying and applying for grant funding; preservation skill seminars; and local, state, and national publicity to assist in re-using historic sites.  BARR graphic 3

This goal of PAWV can be accomplished with three easy steps: See. Speak. Save. If you see a property at risk, speak to PAWV, and we will do our best to work with the community to save it.

How does the Buildings At Risk Register work?  When you see an at risk property, you should contact PAWV.  This can be done by submitting an online form:

Ideally, you will provide the address of the property and the reason(s) why this property should be considered at risk. Furthermore, any additional information such as former use, last known date occupied, current condition, owner etc. is greatly appreciated. As PAWV collects submissions, we can create a Buildings At Risk Register.  Each submission will be reviewed by a PAWV committee and determined eligible for this register.

Some cases may be eligible for PAWV’s Endangered Properties List, which requires significant community engagement, but gains more PAWV support in return. For more information, please refer to the BARR vs. Endangered Properties List guide:


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