PAWV to Ask State Legislature for Increase in Grant Funds

Over the last four years, the budget for West Virginia’s state historic preservation grant – the Development Grant – has been downsized by 52%.  This decrease has hit the preservation community hard by limiting the only source of government funding to be used toward “bricks and mortar” preservation projects.

Last year, PAWV created an advocacy campaign to take to Charleston.  We started by researching the economic impact of the historic preservation grant in West Virginia from the years 2011-2015.  Through surveys, questionnaires, and research we have composed a document to be distributed to our state legislators during this legislative session. This report demonstrates the economic and social value of Historic Preservation Grants in West Virginia.  PAWV found that the grant program generates public and private investments from West Virginians, and it encourages small-business and community-based partnerships.

Over the past four years the funding for the Development Grant has been downsized by 52%.  In two years, West Virginia lost as least $267,000 in private investment. We are taking these facts to Charleston and asking our legislators to restore the historic preservation grants to $563,750 – FY2013 levels.

You can help us send the message that these grants are a valuable economic stimulus in downtowns.  Contact your legislators and tell them how important these grants are to West Virginia and to you.  For a copy of the report, contact or call PAWV at 304-345-6005.






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