Excuse for An Excursion: The Manos Theater


The Manos Theater is the historic theater located in downtown Grafton, WV. Built in 1911, it was initially named the Hippodrome, a 325 seat vaudeville and moving picture theater which opened in 1912. The building was purchased by Lester Bush and renamed the Strand. The theater reopened as the Manos in 1949. In the 1990s and summers of early 2000s it functioned as a small movie theater.

It currently serves as a venue for the arts including events such as The Rustic Mechanicals performing Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Nights Dream” and The Fearless Fools comedy troop performing an improv show.


Since 2000…and with assistance from the City of Grafton and the State of West Virginia, the International Mother’s Day Shrine purchased the Historic Manos Theatre and have started on its renovations.  New bathrooms, electrical upgrades, new roof, some interior renovations, and a lighting and sound system have been updated since this purchase.  Future plans are to develop a theatrical play about the history of Grafton, its role in the Civil War and the formation of the International Holiday Mother’s Day.  – Grafton, WV, Downtown Revitalization 

‘Like’ the Manos Theater Facebook page for updated on future events and restoration: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Manos-Theatre/305365259629481?fref=ts


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