Sites Sought for AFHA Hands-on Team Projects

Appalachian Forest Heritage Area is seeking site sponsors for Hands On Team projects for the 2015-2016 year! The AmeriCorps year runs from September, 2015 to August of 2016, with a crew of up to 4 members. The HOT serves on multiple projects, on a project-to-project basis.  AFHA is accepting applications for projects relating to hands-on historic preservation, including projects like repointing, in-place window restoration, plaster or siding repair, and painting. Interior projects are highly sought for the winter months. The team can also help with outdoor conservation, recreation, trails, beautification, and landscaping projects. Projects must comply with the Secretary of Interior standards.

The Hands On Team is not a fully qualified construction crew and each project will need a knowledgeable supervisor or contractor. Sites must have cash match, direct supervision, and provide materials and some tools. If further afield, sites may need to include a travel budget, as most of the AmeriCorps members are in Elkins, and lodging.

Applications are due April 20th, 2015. Please email Alison Thornton at for more information and a Hands On Team application.

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