Show Your Support for Mt. Wood Cemetery in the Ohio Valley

The Mt. Wood Cemetery Restoration Project is participating in the Amazing Raise Ohio Valley, a 24-hour online giving challenge sponsored by the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley. This giving day will take place TODAY, Tuesday, May 5, and we really hope you will participate! The minimum gift is only $10!!  The money you donate goes to supporting this important project – like hiring monument companies to reset the large obelisks that have fallen, buying supplies for our monthly volunteer workdays, and going forward, restoring the 10 mausoleums that are found within the cemetery.  You can make your donation here:
Mt Wood Cemetery
This past year has been a great one for this old cemetery located off National Road and overlooking the city of Wheeling.  It is the City’s oldest cemetery and has been a victim to its topography (gravity) and heavily vandalized in years past.   We have had a very successful past two years working in the cemetery — resetting 11 large obelisks, leveling and resetting over 100 smaller monuments and gravestones and cleaning hundreds more!
But, we still need your help!  There are still hundreds of gravestones that need our attention! This work can only continue through the generosity of donors like you!!!

We hope that you will support us with a donation on TODAY.  You can learn more by visiting If you choose not to give by using your credit card online, you may bring a check on May 5th to be delivered to the Community Foundation (1310 Market Street, Wheeling). Please make checks payable to CFOV and write “Restore Mt. Wood Cemetery.” on the memo line. Your check must be dated May 5, 2015 to count towards the incentives.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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