Archaeology Award, 2015 Historic Preservation Awards

ArchaeologyThe recipient of the 2015 Archaeology Award was Jamie Vosvick.

Jamie Vosvick is the lead archaeologist for the Wheeling office of Archaeological Consultants of the Midwest, which is headquartered in Indianapolis.  He is counted among the earliest supporters of the Cockayne Farmstead Preservation Project, and his support continues to this day.

Early on, Jamie recognized that the Farmstead’s resources were modest and its needs substantial.  He donated his knowledge and time to assist volunteers in cataloging more than 2,000 artifacts that comprise the Farmstead’s collection.   Since then, Jamie and his staff have also provided archaeological and technical services to the Cockayne Farmstead on a pro-bono basis, including authentication of the Cockayne Mound (2005), and archaeological digs on the sites of the Cockayne midden and privies on West Virginia Day each year since 2009.  His support enabled Ohio-based paleocockayneethnobotanist Karen Leone to conduct an analysis of soil samples taken in 2010 from the ca. 1880-1940 privy.  Ms. Leone’s scholarly research provided invaluable insight into the nutrition of the Cockayne family.  Most recently, Jamie was also central in the design, creation and installation of interpretive signage at the sites of the Cockayne Privy and the Cockayne Mound.

Thank you, Jamie and Congratulations!


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