Downtown Preservation Award, 2015 Historic Preservation Awards

International mother's day shrine

The 2015 Downtown Preservation Award recipient is the International Mother’s Day Shrine for their work to preserve multiple buildings re-use projects in Grafton.

Downtown Preservation

Marvin Gelhausen accepted the Downtown Preservation Award as President of the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Presenting the award were Lynn Stasick, Dr. Emory Kemp, Nikki Bowman (New South Media), Logan Smith.

The group owns the International Mother’s Day Shrine, the Manos Theater, the Joliffe Building and M&M Building. It is becoming more and more in common in WV for heritage-based nonprofit groups to inherit and purchase historic properties in their communities and turn them into community landmarks once again.

In Grafton, there is a tremendous show of local support demonstrating that this place matters.  Volunteers comprise the International Mother’s Day board.  They are truly committed to preserving their heritage.

Thank you for your work and for preserving historic Grafton!



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