Community Preservation Award, 2015 Historic Preservation Awards


This award was presented to 4 of the 6 steering committee members of the Wheeling Young Preservationists: Liz Paulhus, Bekah Karelis, Stephanie Wright, and Brian Wilson

In October 2012, a group of young, energetic, preservation-minded individuals came together to form what was originally called the Ohio Valley Young Preservationists. As of January 2015, the name has been changed to Wheeling Young Preservationists to better reflect the group’s focus and composition.

The 2015 Community Preservation Award was presented to the Wheeling Young Preservationists Steering Committee Members: Bekah Karelis, Liz Paulhus, Stephanie Wright and Brian Wilson

Members share a deep love of Wheeling and the common goal of preserving the history, culture, and buildings of this city. Events include regular happy hours, which provide members with a space to meet other like-minded young people and brainstorm new side projects, and preservation workdays at the “Blue Church” – a 2010 WV Endangered Property that is located in East Wheeling. WYP is perhaps best known for its lovescaping efforts each year during Valentine’s Day. Significant buildings in downtown Wheeling are decorated with hearts to draw attentiondownload to them and to encourage people to appreciate the incredible built environment in which we live.

WYP is currently in the process of incorporating as a nonprofit in West Virginia and pursuing 501(c)(3) status. Currently, a six-person steering committee serves as the point persons for different initiatives happening or in the works: the Blue Church, cemeteries, organizational structure, marketing and social media, workshops, and lovescaping.


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