Grant Award Winners, 2015 Historic Preservation Awards

In 2015, Preservation Alliance of WV presented the first-ever historic preservation grant awards to individual projects.  These grant awards were provided through a generous donation courtesy of an anonymous donor.  The following award recipients were all selected because of their deep dedication to preserving historic resources in the state.  We believe there are many preservation projects state-wide that with some added attention and money, can succeed.  The three recognized projects each received a cash grant award and a watering can. The watering can symbolizes watering the seed of preservation thus nurturing the plant from which their projects are growing.

Persistance award

The Preservation Persistence Award involves the preservation of the Old White House in Nicholas County a 2015 WV Endangered Property.  Mr. Holt Barnitz and his parents are committed to preserving the family homestead.  The Barnitzs accepted this award for their dedication in preserving rural farm life in Nicholas County.

Stewardship Award

The Stewardship Award was presented to a project known for utilizing best practices in historic preservation and archaeology.  Since this project’s inception, the utmost care has been taken in the stewardship of this property.  The Cockayne Farmstead Preservation Project in Glen Dale, WV is the recipient of the first-ever Stewardship Award.  Present to accept the award was the newest staff person for the Farmstead, Caitlin Hucik.


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