Meet Ashley ~ Preserve WV AmeriCorps

AmeriCorpsBy Ashley, Preserve WV AmeriCorps

My name is Ashley. I began my position as an AmeriCorp member with the Preservation Alliance of WV in August 2015. I’m placed in Ripley, WV at Main Street Ripley. My goal is to revitalize the Alpine Theatre. Specific focuses include: booking, inventory, maintenance, running and coordinating events, working with volunteers, advertising, and general upkeep of the theatre. It’s my responsibility to know the theatre inside and out and be able to address any issues or know who to go to if I am unable to do so.

So far in my term, I have been able to increase Facebook presence from 500 likes to almost 700. Many shows and events have been booked including a movie matinee which happened due to a partnership with other organizations, a blues concert, a first annual WV Hootenanny concert, a group of comedians, and more. Lately, every weekend has an event from October 31st to December 12th beside Thanksgiving weekend.  On Saturday, November 21, 2015, LOL@Alpine II Comedy Show with Jacob Hall will be the featured presentation.  The show starts at 8pm and is $10 (for mature audiences).

I’ve inventoried the entire theatre, testing equipment and determining the priorities of repairs/replacements that are needed. I have also created revenue/expense spreadsheets and determined utility usage costs. Along with that, I have worked with my supervisors to re-evaluate the cost structure to rent out the theatre so that it is consistent and reasonable. Throughout my term as an AmeriCorps member I hope to help make the Alpine Theatre a go-to spot for music, arts, etc.  By the end, I hope to see an event in the theatre at least once a week if not more, along with more renovations and upgrades. I want the theatre to be preserved, utilized, and kept in the hearts of the Ripley residents.



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