PAWV is accepting Nominations for the WV Endangered Properties List

Download a .pdf version of the Nomination Form

Download a .docx version of the Nomination Form


Happy Retreat in Charles Town, WV was included on the 2010 WV Endangered Properties List. It recently has been purchased by the Friends of Happy Retreat and is an exciting preservation success story.

The Preservation Alliance of WV is currently accepting nominations for the 2016 WV Endangered Properties List. Nominations are due January 15, 2016, and the alliance plans to make the announcement for the 2016 Listing near the beginning of May 2016 in celebration of National Historic Preservation Month.

The WV Endangered Properties List is a collection of historic resources identified annually as the historic assets in the Mountain State most in jeopardy of being demolished or destroyed. These properties are also good candidates for re-use in their communities. The alliance revived its endangered list program in 2009 with a competitive application process and with technical assistance provided to the stewards of the selected properties. Technical assistance includes on-site visits from staff and Preserve WV AmeriCorps members, guidance in preservation projects and assistance in organizing clean-up days, hands-on workshops, or other skilled preservation activities.

There is special criteria to be identified as a WV Endangered Property. Each property must be listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; suffer from a demonstrable preservation emergency; and maintain owner and local support for the re-use of the property in the respective community.  Owner support is necessary because it’s the first step to ensuring the preservation process begins.  It is PAWV’s goal to encourage owners to turn these properties into viable contributors to WV’s economy.  Properties that were formerly on the endangered list but have graduated to saved include the First Ward School in Elkins and the Quarrier Diner in Charleston.  The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia is the statewide, nonprofit dedicated to promoting historic preservation and our state’s cultural heritage. Learn more at


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