Save the Date! September 22-24, 2016

Statewide Historic Preservation Conference:

“This Place Matters – Connecting with Historic Places”

This three-day biennial conference will be held primarily in Beverly, with some programming in the immediate Randolph County vicinity. PAWV is excited to be in Beverly for the upcoming conference. Beverly dates back to the Revolutionary War period and is one of the first settlements west of the Allegheny Mountains. By the time the crucial Civil War battles were fought nearby in 1861, Beverly was an established county seat and crossroads. The rise of nearby Elkins at the end of the 19th century left Beverly to be largely unaff ected by later development. Participants will have a chance to tour and learn intimate details about preservation successes in Beverly. The 8th Annual Historic Preservation Awards Banquet will be on Friday, the 23rd, and will be held at Halliehurst Mansion (a National Historic Landmark) in Elkins.

PAWV is currently accepting session proposals for the conference. Contact for a copy of the conference request for proposals. The due date for submissions is March 25, 2016.


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