Curt Mason ~ PAWV’s History Hero


Curt Mason (second from left) receiving the 2016 History Hero Award. Photo Credit: Steve Brightwell, WV State Historic Preservation Office

The annual West Virginia History Day was held January 29 2016 at the State Capitol Complex. West Virginia History Day is officially designated by the West Virginia Archives and History Commission as a special day to recognize the state’s rich and varied history and includes displays and reenactments in the Rotunda of the State Capitol as well as recognition to the “History Heroes” of West Virginia.

This year, the Preservation Alliance of WV nominated Curt Mason, of Charles Town.  Since joining the Preservation Alliance of WV Board of Directors in 2011, Curt has worked to make PAWV’s activities more successful.  He has opened his beautiful, historic home in Jefferson County for a PAWV fundraisier and has also invited PAWV to use his home for other fundraising activities, such as hosting PAWV’s quarterly board meeting and fundraising work days.  In addition, Mason works to make PAWV’s name better-known not only in the eastern panhandle but state-wide and nationally.  He represented PAWV at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s conference and at the Preservation Action annual meeting in November 2015.  He sits on various PAWV committees including the advocacy committee and helps in selecting the WV Endangered Properties List each year.


Curt brings several valuable tools to the preservation table.  For example, he has worked for five years in Jefferson County identifying issues that PAWV may address in Jefferson County.  He is a tireless promoter of historic preservation.  To his contact list of over 1,000 people, Curt shares PAWV news and announcements, which helps to increase our reach to people not already involved in the organization.  Curt has also helped in coordinating historic windows workshops to benefit the old Yellow House on the campus of Shepherd University.  Curt helped to organize the initial two-day workshop and ensured that the windows were restored after an accident occurred that postponed the completion of the windows work.  Curt is dedicated to enhancing historic preservation through his board position by utilizing PAWV staff services for historic properties in Jefferson County. Thank you, Curt!

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