Grant Opportunity Available from Lowe’s

The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation has a grant opportunity available to communities primarily focused on community investment projects and public education.

The Lowe’s Community Partners grant program helps build better communities by providing monetary assistance to nonprofit organizations and municipalities looking for support of high-need projects such as: building renovations/upgrades, grounds improvements, technology upgrades as well as safety improvements. Grants range from $2,001 to $100,000, with most projects falling between $10,000 and $25,000. The Lowe’s Heroes employee volunteer program is another opportunity for support, which Lowe’s can provide to some grant recipients to help supplement the labor of projects. Applicants — speak to your local store manager to see if this is a possibility before applying.

The Community Partners 2016 cycle dates are:
Spring: March 21, 2016 – May 23, 2016
Fall: July 1, 2016 – August 26, 2016

You can only apply for a grant during the cycle dates. During this time the application will become available. Click here to apply. Here are the giving guidelines, and Lowe’s also offers an FAQ.




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