How-to Mothballing Video Now Available

The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia (PAWV) released its newest technical how-to video demonstrating a step-by-step guide in mothballing historic properties. Mothballing is the process of creating a ventilated envelope around a building to preserve the structure until it can be restored.  This technique is frequently used for historic properties where funding is not available to immediately rehabilitate it.  It is a valuable tool for dealing with vacant and dilapidated properties because it buys the owner time in protecting the building from vandals and weather until funds can be raised to rehabilitate it. This video includes a materials list and step-by-step instructions on how to build window and door panels that when applied, result in minimal damage to wood frames. It was developed according to the National Park Service’s standards listed in their Preservation Brief 31.  The video is available on the Alliance’s YouTube channel at

This video was produced using mini-grant funds from the WV Humanities Council.  It was produced in partnership with Winding Gulf Restoration Organization (WeGROw) and Liberty High School’s Fine Arts Program.  Liberty High School’s Fine Arts Program students were involved in every step of the creation of this video as part of a class project.  Mr. Everett Jeremy Rodriguez and students Tyler Carden and Brian Jarrell filmed and edited this video as a volunteer project. The mothballing video builds upon another video released last year, entitled “Preserving and Restoring the Helen Apartments.”  This video will also supplement past Preservation Alliance videos, including videos on how to rehabilitate your historic wooden windows and how to assess your historic structure.

For assistance in mothballing your historic property, contact Lynn Stasick at


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