Whipple Company Store – Excuse for an Excursion

By Rachael, PAWV VISTA

The Whipple Compan y Store, located in Scabro, Fayette County, WV, opened its doors for the 2016 season on May 1.

In the late 1800’s  the Whipple Company Store provided everything a coal miner and his family would need.  This unique architectural structure sold everything from candy to caskets, and was the center of the coal camp life.

Todawhiple-company-storey, the Whipple Company Store houses the Appalachian Heritage Museum where you can visit and experience the history and cultural heritage of West Virginia coal mining families. Tours are held throughout the summer that offer a great opportunity to learn about our West Virginia heritage, coal mining experience, Appalachian culture with a hands on approach.

The Whipple company Store has many exciting events planned so mark your calendar now!

Saturday, May 21st – the Whipple Company Store will be recognizing their 10 year reunion as a museum. This special event will feature the New River Youth Symphony and a tour of the beautiful building from 3-6 pm. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.

Sunday, May 22nd  – A benefit concert featuring both classical and Appalachian music will be held from 3-5 pm. Any and all donations will be accepted. Proceeds will benefit continuing music education for Charlotte Lynn’s trip to Green Mountain Music Camp in Vermont.

Saturday, May 28th – Car show from 9 am – 3pm. For more information about the car show: http://whipplecompanystore.com/2016carshow.html

Friday, June 10th – The Genealogy and Study Room dedication will be held in honor of Shirley Love from 3-6 pm, featuring a performance by Ann Sumpter Arrington and Charlotte Lynn on violin. Refreshments and museum tour will be provided.

Wednesday, June 15th –   Musical performance by Tom Breiding, starting at 5:30 pm.

October, 1st and 2nd from 11 to 6 pm – Whipple Train days featuring train displays of many model trains and set ups. The entire building will be dedicated to trains of the past.


For more information about the Whipple Company Store visit: http://www.whipplecompanystore.com

For more information about the events: http://whipplecompanystore.com/events2016.html

Or call: 304 465-0331


7485 Okey L. Patteson Road

Scarbro, West Virginia 25917



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