Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Underrepresented Communities

The State, Tribal, Local Plans & Grants Division recently announced  FY16 Underrepresented Community Grant applications are now available on Grants.gov. (Funding Opportunity Announcement #P16AS00184)
Deadline: 11:59 EST on July 15, 2016
Eligible applicants: THPOs, Tribes, SHPOs, County/City Governments, & Certified Local Governments [may partner with others including nonprofits, National Heritage Areas]
Eligible Projects: survey, inventory, and designation of historic properties that are associated with communities currently underrepresented in the National Register of Historic Places and among National Historic Landmarks
Project budgets: $15,000 minimum, $50,000 maximum, no match is required.
Questions? preservation_grants_info@nps.gov or (202) 354-2020
Within one year of the completion of the grant, all projects must result in:
  • the submission of a new nomination to the National Register/NHL, or
  • an amendment to an existing NR/NHL nomination to include underrepresented communities
For more information:  Underrepresented Community Grants

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