Special Organizational Fundraising Workshop Offer for PAWV Conference

Contact the PAWV to take advantage of a special offer for a nonprofit fundraising workshop at the PAWV Conference. This offer is available to the first 4 nonprofits to register with dlapresta@pawv.org.

On Thursday, September 22, at the PAWV Conference in Beverly, PAWV will offer a full-day fundraising coaching workshop with consultant, Beth Raps.  This workshop is outcome-focused: not just quick money (although that will  be one result) but a loyal donor base ensuring long-lasting money for the long haul, mirroring the long-term nature of preservation. The workshop teaches how to ask for funds but doesn’t start there. It starts rather with what we already have: a strong feeling for “our” place. It teaches us how to use that to invite support year-round through a planned approach combining a variety of types of fundraising, from crowdfunding and memberships to events and large donor cultivation and solicitation, emphasizing the three Rs of long-lasting fund development: relationship-building, record-keeping, and recognition.

For $200, your organization can send three participants to the workshop and have a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Beth Raps either Thursday evening or Friday morning of the conference.  It is recommended to send a team to this workshop and coaching session as you’ll be working on your own fundraising plan.  This offer is available to the first 4 nonprofits to register with dlapresta@pawv.org.

You can learn more about Beth and her business, RAISING CLARITY at http://www.raisingclarity.com/  

To learn more about the conference and other available sessions, visit http://pawv.org/conferences/conference2016/conference2016.htm.

This offer is first come, first serve.

Conference Cover ART


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