PAWV is Accepting Preserve WV AmeriCorps Site Sponsor Applications

AmeriCorpsThe Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is recruiting site sponsors for the 2017-2018 service year.  Applications should be submitted to by 5:00pm on Friday, March 3, 2017.


Preserve WV AmeriCorps is funded in part by Volunteer West Virginia, the state’s Commission for National and Community Service, and by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service.

The purpose of the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is to promote historic preservation, economic development, revitalization, and heritage tourism in West Virginia through historic resource development projects.  An historic resource in this context is considered a building, museum/archival collection, structure (such as a bridge), landscape, or historic district/downtown commercial district.

Members provide direct services over the course of their service year, in which they are improving at least one historic resource and improving the capacity of one nonprofit organization or government agency.  Site sponsors develop projects for members to complete at their sites year that fit into the parameter of the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program’s grant scope.  Members are expected to complete projects at their sites in which they are improving and increasing the use of at least one historic building (listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places). Additionally, members must manage volunteers for their site. Each Preserve WV AmeriCorps member must complete:

  • a historic resource improvement project that will lead to the increased use of the said resource;
  • at least one volunteer-based project or event, such as a heritage festival or historical lecture series. In particular, the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program highly encourages every AmeriCorps member to organize one volunteer preservation project. These projects should involve the member leading a team of volunteers in a hands-on activity, optimally at the member’s service site. Examples include organizing collections, cleaning, window rehabilitation, painting, scraping paint, etc.  Service sites should be prepared to provide safety materials, work materials, and refreshments to the volunteer crews;
  • three civic service projects, developed by the member (or he/she can join another member’s project), not associated with his/her primary site duties; and
  • program-specific orientation and training to be designated by PAWV and Volunteer WV.

Sites can apply for either full-time (1700 hours/year) or half-time (900 hours/year) AmeriCorps members.  Depending on site needs and the program’s availability, PAWV may assign a full- or half-time member to the applying organization.  Preserve WV AmeriCorps sites are selected based on need, scope of service, and focus on improving historic resources and making them more available for public use.

If you have any questions, contact Danielle LaPresta, PAWV Executive Director, at or 304-345-6005.



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