Historic Tax Credit Bills Stalled: Please Call Today!

Please contact your delegates and senators today, and ask them to make the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit increase to 25% a priority.

Revitalizing West Virginia's Downtowns

charleston-wv-Capitol-Street Photo by Travel Throne

If you want to help reduce the number of abandoned properties in West Virginia and spark historic redevelopment in our communities, there’s something you can do right this minute.

It’s do or die time for Senate Bill 238 and House Bill 2545, both of which would increase the rate of West Virginia’s historic rehabilitation tax credit from 10% to 25%.

Both bills must pass out of their respective Finance Committees in the next two weeks (by March 26th!) to even have a chance of continuing on the path to becoming law.

The competition to be taken up by one of the Finance Committees is fierce. The Senate currently has 64 bills pending in Finance, while the House has 96 — these numbers are sure to multiply as the Legislature gets closer to March 26th.

If you care about downtown redevelopment and reducing the number of abandoned…

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