Beautiful 8-Bedroom House for Sale in Philippi

This 8-bedroom, 3 bathroom house is 3,974 square feet and is located at 108 N. Walnut Street in Philippi (Barbour County), WV.  Its current list price is $129,999.  This large house  features original oak woodwork and is located near the Philippi Courthouse.  It would make a great Bed & Breakfast – something that Philippi really needs as there are currently no hotels for tourists coming into the town or visiting the college.  The nearest hotels are in Bridgeport and Elkins.

This historic house was built in 1884 and is a contributing structure in Philippi’s National Register Historic District.  It was once the home of Judge Ira Robinson – a previous owner of the historic Adaland Mansion.  As a contributing structure in a National Register Historic District, it is eligible for Historic Preservation Development Grants and Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. In West Virginia, we have a 20% residential tax credit, but if you decide to use the house as a Bed & Breakfast, your rehab project would be eligible for the combined federal and state historic rehabilitation tax credit (currently totaled at 30%).

If you are an interested buyer, please contact Angie Hodge at 304-614-7454.




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